CD / DVD Retail & Merch Industries:
Toys & Games, Clothing, Promotional Items

  • CDs or DVDs with Merchandise - Custom Boxes and Packaging!

    Are you releasing a disc with a toy? Or does your toy include a disc? Either way, we have replication and packaging solutions for you.

    Let's say that you want to give away a widget with your disc. Not a problem, we can make you a special box to hold your widget, in a perfect package to hold your disc as well. Widgets (a brilliant academia term for those who don't make things in the real world)= toys like yo-yo's, games like Rubiks Cubes, promotional thingies like bendy guys and gnu calls (yes, we have creative clients), and let's not forget thumb drives.

    Boxes can come in any shape by the way (they need not be boxy), and discs and widgets can be held with all kinds of fun contraptions. We can do foam trays to hold them both, or compressed paper (brand new!), or we can do widget on one side and strictly disc holders on the other (plastic trays, foam hubs, etc).
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  • Supplying Merchandise - you or us?

    Is it better to have us supply the merchandise, or you? Well, it probably depends on what it is. USB type items, thumb drives, stickers, items our printer can make (flash cards, greeting cards, art cards), are a good fit. Something like a skateboard is a bit out of our normal practice and heavy to ship- so probably better if supplied by you.

  • Hangtags for Hang-tens? Heel-Flips? Hoodies? Hooch?

    Hangtags can go on all kinds of things (not just starting with H, but we're going with with us here).

    Do you need to attach a disc to a piece of clothing? Hang a disc in a sleeve off of a piece of clothing to promote your new surfing line - hangtags can go right through the retail tag without damaging the clothing and hold a disc on the other end. Perhaps you want to drive traffic to your new interactive site - what better way than to attach a disc to the clothing?

    So that covers the surfing hang tens, the skateboarding heel flips, and the all purpose and practical hoodies, but where does hooch come in? (That's for the writer, no....bad writer). That's for hangtags that fit over the necks of bottles. Isn't that clever? Mini discs or full size discs in vinyl sleeves that fit right on the neck of the bottle. These would work with Olive Oil too for example, but Olive Oil doesn't start with an H.