CD / DVD Welcome Kits- Universities & Colleges

  • Reach Out Interactively to Your Prospective Students!

    Interviewing for College goes both ways! If you are a university searching for prospective students, what better way than to send them a disc about your school, philosophy, admission requirements, degrees, scholarships, campus, community, links to your web site...all of those great features that make your school the school of choice. Include an electronic catalog of courses, video of your campus, applications, and everything they need to make the decision to apply.

  • Enrollment, Orientation, Welcome Kits, Catalogs, Campus Resources

    New students have a lot of information to digest about their new school. Selecting dormitories or housing, learning about enrolling for classes, residential nets and campus resources can be overwhelming without the information provided early and clearly. Sending a Welcome Kit to student you have selected will help everyone along with this process. We can also print local coupons, provide thumb drives, or include literature pockets for apartment brochures. Let us know what you need and we'll provide solutions.

  • Special Summer & Exchange Programs, Yearbooks & Alumni

    New students need a lot of attention and resources, but don't forget about ongoing events and closing activities!

    Summer programs, exchange programs, travel opportunities ...these can all be powerfully promoted with video.

    Benefits, galas, sporting events, homecomings are all good candidates for special invitations. Ask us about our pop-up pak invitations. That package is never overlooked!

    Yearbooks and Alumni activities are another opportunity for discs. If a picture says 1000 words, what does a video say? Student productions are a fabulous way to express creativity and capture the times.