Discs and Packaging for Medicine

Patient Data Jackets, Patient Instructional Videos, Medical Marketing

  • Packaging that Conveys an Image of Professionalism and Attention to Detail

    Your disc packaging sends a message to the public. It should be thoughtfully designed and solidly built. We can help on both fronts.

  • Medical Records Jackets and Pre-Printed Recordable Media

    We can help you custom-design the the perfect records pouch for your operation, bundled in manageable numbers for easy deployment and use. The key to usability are security and ease of identification. The disc jacket design can ensure the disc stays in the package until it is needed. We can apply spot gloss varnish to give protection but allow easy marking of patient information.

    Your CDR or DVDR media can be offset printed with your organization's unique design, with specified fields left blank white to allow patient identification on the disc surface. You can specify that each jacket have a disc or that the discs be delivered on spindles.

  • Post-Operative Instruction Packs with DVD Replication

    These might be physically similar to the records holder, but rather than recordable media, these would have fully replicated, beautifully offset-printed DVDs. The jacket's pocket could be used for individalized patient instructions.

  • Hospital or Practice Marketing Packages with DVD Replication

    Megalodon makes some of the most impressive and beautiful packaging out there, and in quantities that will surprise you. Take a moment to browse some of our DVD-sized jacket packaging, uniquely suited for marketing your organization.

    LikeableLawyer5 4pp tall hub jacket matte lam custom pocket, 4pp, 126262, foam hub, jacket, Matte Lamination, spine, tall
  • Bundled for Convenient Re-Stocking

    Have your jackets shrinkwrapped in convenient quantities to simplify restocking multiple facilities and keep stock on-hand well organized but ready for use.