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Instructions: Tell us about your replication project and we'll make suggestions for a good package. This is a great way to get insider experience & knowledge applied to your project. Use the fields and/or use the Project Notes at the end of the form. This forms emails to us and we'll email you back with our thoughts. We call this our Personal Shopper Form (yes, real people)
Eco-friendly paper stock options for all printed items

Quantity - need to know what qty?

1000 (minimum order)














(manufacturing and 5C offset printing) -

what type of disc?

CD Replication
CD, full size
Mini CD, 8 cm round
Mini CD, 8 cm bus. card cd
Mini CD, 8 cm rect. card
Clear substrate CD
CD-R Recordable, 12cm
CD-R Recordable 8 cm mini

DVD Replication
DVD 5, pressed
DVD 9 pressed
DVD 10 pressed
Mini DVD, 8 cm round
Clear substrate DVD
DVD-R Recordable, 12cm
Includes the manufacturing of pressed discs & disc printing.

Pressed discs- injection molding, (i.e., substrate is poured out into mold), metal layer with data is formed with metal stamper (made from glass master made from client master).

Recordable Discs- made with a special layer that allows you to write the content. You want to use recordables only if you have a special need like frequently changing data.

Mini discs are 8cm round and are available with clear substrate out to the edge.

Multi-Disc Set
Multi-Disc Set
Type of Disc(s) in set:
Some Examples:

Please specify type of disc(s) and number of each type you need in each set in the text area at right.

1 CD / 1 DVD-9
7 CDs
1 mini CD & 1 mini DVD

How will your title be distributed?

This section will help us determine some factors that will help guide your packaging type.

Is your title a promo (giveaway) or is it retail (for sale)?

Retail Give Away

How will your title be distributed? Ex: Sold in retail store, from web site, in-house, given to clients at place of business, etc.

What's the most important factor for distribution for you? Ex: Lightweight for mailing, Shelf presence

Describe Your Project:

Who is your target audience?
Ex: musicians hip-hop, yoga students, children, technical, edu, medical, real estate, church group, etc

Can you describe the content of the disc?
Ex: independent film, advertisement, music, book-on-disc, software, educational title, etc.

What type of feel are you aiming for?
Ex: organic, corporate, modern, old-fashioned, fun, dark, etc.

What 's the most important thing about this title that you want to convey?
Ex: quality, uniqueness, as in-expensive as possible, special effects wanted, etc


If this is a multi-disc set, are the discs ever to be sold seperately?
Ex: is this Tile XYZ Disc1 & Disc2 or Vol.1, Vol2 that could be sold seperately or packaged in a Collection?


Any schedule crunches at this time?

Project Notes:

Add anything you think is relevant here.

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Custom Printed Packaging Media Manufacturing CD DVD USB Vinyl Video

Custom Packaging
CD DVD USB Video Panel

Custom Printed Packaging
Creative Dies, Designs, Materials,
Multidisc Box Sets,
Leather & Linen Fabric,
Hardbound Books,
Digipaks, Albums, Retro Vinyl LPs,
Unique USB Packaging,
Video Panel Packaging

— Media Manufacturing
CD DVD Disc Replication
USB, LCD Video Panel

Custom is what we do! We specialize in unique packaging & media manufacturing, multi disc sets, deluxe boxes, creative die cuts, fun designs, mixed media projects, eco friendly paper stocks, special printing effects, special paper stocks and finishes.

If you want to manufacture something special, we are it....