Styles: CD/ DVD Mini Discs

Make a BIG Impression With Your Mini Disc!

Mini Discs can make a BIG impression with their novelty. They are perfect for smaller amounts of content, such as promos, advertisements, samplers, singles — any project with a small amount of data!

  • Types of Mini Discs, CDs, DVDs, Recordables, and Clear Substrates

    MiniDiscs are available for CDs or DVDs, and can be made in small round, business card (hockey rink) shape, or rectangular. Round mini discs are available for CDR & DVDR Recordable.

    Another fun option is to take a mini round disc and add clear substrate out to the edges. This gives you the basic data size of the mini disc, but in a full physical size disc. You can have lots of fun with the artwork! Clear packaging is especially fun with this!

  • Mini Disc Packaging Options

    Whatever size or type of disc you choose, we can make fun packaging to match. Wallets or presentation folders can be folded horizontally or vertically, and generally pockets are used to hold the disc. If you really need an especially small booklet to match, yes we have made them, too. You can also put a mini disc in a full size folder.

    Foam hub jackets are very popular with mini discs and help showcase the disc. You might want to explore adding a paper business card slot on one of the panels.

    Vinyl options are also available, such as vinyl sleeves, adhesive backed sleeves, or retail hangtags (for attachment to items such as clothing or bottles).