How to start a project...
Actually, it's not about Megalodon.
It's about you...

Start by getting a product quote.
Email or call us, we'll guide you through the options available and help you with a very complete quote. We include so much in our quotes, we really like for you to see it in writing.

Not sure what to get a quote on?
Start with the Photo Gallery to look at what other clients did. Use our Quote Request Form. If you can tell us about your product, we can make recommendations. By the way, we never share contact information with anyone. And you don't need to be worried about us emailing you newsletters or doing mass mailings - we don't like that either.

Next step is to tell us your Project Name, and we'll send over order forms.

Art can be be uploaded at any step along the way.
Upload at our Art Department - be sure to use your project Name so we can sync it up with you!

Disc content can either be uploaded (best for cds & mini discs) or overnighted to our address above.

We'll also be sending over copyright forms.
The law says you must have rights to reproduce something- either you made it and so you have rights, or you aquired the rights. See our Copyright Page for more info.

Be sure to tell us all the details we need to know about your schedule so we can make it come out right. We're good at that! Remember - we're part of your team and we will work with you to make your project a success!

You want your product to look sharp.

Discs are beautifully offset printed. The packaging we create for you will be the finest available anywhere. When you do a project with Megalodon, you can expect your package to stand out.
You are particular about your printing and your quality.

So are we. We provide an extensive proofing system from softproofs to fully printed test discs with data & color matchprints... so you can be certain.

You want options.
You'll find more options & versatility here than you'll see anywhere. Packaging ranges from the simplest sleeve to lavish multi-title sets, and it is easy for us to make it the way you envision it. Discs range from full size cds & dvds to mini discs, including mini metalization with a full-sized clear body..
You want your project on time.
We work with you to make your project come out on time. No fees, and no schedule traps...we're on your team. We have the experience to see your project through - we know what to do.
You want to be treated well.

We believe strongly in treating others as we'd like to be treated by companies. To us that means quick replies, personal service, experience & knowledge, no hidden or extra charges, and continuing support and contact throughout a project.

Megalodon is a different kind of company. Read what our clients have to say...


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