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Yes, we's a mouthful. "Mega..lo...huh, what did you say?" is probably the number one asked question asked by our clients! Number 2 is how do you spell that? Number 3 is what is a megalodon anyway?

Megalodon is named after a species of Great White Shark. So why is a multimedia manufacturer named after a species of shark? We dunno, but maybe you'll remember it now. Mega-lo-somethingorother-sharkpeople.

Here's our educational contribution to thrill and enlighten you:


Carcharodon Megalodon

 a big, big shark...

What's the biggest, most aggressive, most fearsome shark you can think of? Well, that would have to be the Great White Shark, White Death, Carcharodon carcharias. A shark measuring up to 23 feet in length, and having teeth up to 2 inches long. Ouch.


Now, what if this shark was twice as big? Hmmm...

Now, what if this shark was four times as big, or bigger? Gulp.

And what if this shark might still be alive?

Now we're talking megalodon.


Carcharodon megalodon is the Great White Shark's big brother! Estimated to be exactly like the Great White Shark in proportion, but two to six times larger. That's a total of anywhere from 50 to 120 feet in length! And teeth up to 8 inches in length!

OK, so what's all this about this shark being alive? Well, the reason we know that this shark even existed is that we've found its teeth. Its teeth? That's right. Sharks don't have bones­they are made out of cartilage, so they can't leave any bones behind for us to study. But their teeth do fossilize and they hang around for a long time! We've found megalodon's teeth and they are almost exactly like Carcharodon carcharias's teeth, only bigger­ much bigger. And guess what? Some of the teeth we've found weren't fossilized, they were recent! How recent? Ten to twenty years old. Holy smokes! That means that this shark was swimming in our seas as recently as ten to twenty years ago! Has anyone ever seen it? Well, there are lots of eyewitness accounts, some of them estimating the shark at up to 300 feet in length (!), and even some sonar accounts.

But are they Tall Fish Tales? Or are they real?



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