The rest of our site can help you with the actual manufacturing of your cd or dvd title. This page can help you with the following questions.....

How are you going to sell your cd or dvd? Will you promote it yourself or use a distribution center?
Will you ship out your own title? What choices do you have for fulfillment?
What about production assistance in filming, or financing the production of your title?
Is there something about manufacturing royalities too?

Disc Distribution & Fulfillment

We offer lots of Distribution Choices. We know that every project has different needs. Let us know how we can best help your needs. We are happy to drop ship your discs, or help with the distribution fee. Let us know your feedback on how these avenues work.

Here are a variety of distribution & fulfillment avenues, both for cds & dvds. Some are also helpful with financing the production of your title.

More Information

AEC (entertainment dsitributor mostly preferring major titles, but check out the Consumer Direct if you have a lessor known title)

AEC One Stop Group (AEC)is the nation's largest and most experienced full-service entertainment distributor. We ship pre-recorded music and video products to over 13,000 brick and mortar retail stores.

This new service is called Consumer Direct Fulfillment (CDF). CDF is the process of picking, packing and shipping individual consumer orders directly to the consumer, using your identity (not AEC's).

The concept of CDF is simple.

Basically, you attract the consumer to your website, send us the orders, and we handle the rest!

This is how CDF works:

1. Consumers place orders on your website.
2. Individual orders are then sent to us electronically either using a batch or real-time process.
3. We pick, pack and ship orders within 48 hours or less. Orders are labeled and invoiced with your store's identity, not AEC's.

To help entice consumers to make purchases, we provide you with the industry's most respected electronic product catalogs (All Music GuideTM All Movie GuideTM and All Game GuideTM).

Our extensive inventory consists of Compact Discs, Cassettes, Vinyl, Videos, Music Videos and DVDs as well as consumer and professional accessories.

You take the orders and we'll ship them directly to your consumer! 

CD BABY (extremely responsive & helpful communication, we found that like us, they actually respond to client email)

How to sell your CD at CDBABY.COM

What YOU do

• Fill out our submission form so we know who you are, and how you want your CD described.
• Mail us just 5 CDs to start.
• (Don't worry - we'll send you a check, and ask for more as soon as they sell!)


What WE do

• We make a web page dedicated to showcasing your CD on, with the sole purpose of SELLING YOUR CD. It includes sound clips, links back to your own website, reviews, and all of the text and descriptions you want.
• We give this page an easy web address where you can tell people to buy your CD (
• We put it in the galleries and search engines at which gets over 150,000 hits a day from people who are looking for new independent CDs to buy!
• We take all credit card orders for your CD, online or through our toll-free phone number, and ship it to them within hours!
• We Email you every time your CD is sold to tell you who bought it!


How the MONEY works

• You set your selling price at whatever you want.
• We keep $4 per CD sold.
• We pay checks every week to everyone who wants to be paid! (You get to set your "pay point" - so you really can be paid whenever you want! How's THAT for musician-friendly?!)
• There is a one-time-ever $35 charge to set up a new CD in our store, with everything we described above.  (It takes us about 30 minutes of work to put a new album into our system and website, that's why.)
• That $35 lasts forever (or until you don't want to sell that CD anymore.) So we will never tell you that it isn't selling enough, or you're not important. Even if you only sell 1 CD every 20 years, we'll be glad to warehouse it and take orders for it here.


It's easier than you think...

• This is totally non-exclusive. There are no contracts to sign. We don't want to own the rights to you. We're not a record label. We're just a record store, like any other! (Except that thousands of people a day come here to buy independent records like yours!)
• You don't need a UPC barcode to sell at CD Baby. Though if you do have one already, we will report your sales to SoundScan!!
• You don't need to have your CDs shrinkwrapped, and yes you can sell a home-made CD-R here, as long as it looks good.
• You don't need to upload MP3 files, or send us graphics, or anything else. Just fill out our submission form, and send us 5 CDs. We do the rest.

The Orchard (the contracts concerned both us and some of our clients, we also heard that there was a long lead time)
The Orchard is the largest distributor of independent music in the world.

Join the thousands of artists and labels from around the world utilizing The Orchard's mainstream retail and digital distribution channels.

You'll get:

      WORLD WIDE DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION. We supply our entire catalog to the new major legitimate digital music services (DMS) including iTunes, BuyMusic, MusicNet, Napster/Pressplay, and many others- including the leading European DMS providers.

      INTERNET MUSIC RETAIL SITES. We supply our entire catalog to all major internet retail stores including: Amazon, CDNow, Barnes & Noble, among others.

      PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION. We make our entire catalog available to thousands of stores including all of the major chain stores and independent music stores throughout America.

      EXPOSURE. We use our unique partnerships to give artists and labels mass exposure via All Music Guide, Muze and DCN.

      FULFILLMENT. The Orchard does all the grunt-work for you. We fulfill CD orders, register your release with Soundscan, and encode your music for delivery to the various digital music services and retail outlets.

The Orchard wants its artists and labels to grow in every way possible.

Get your music in here, and let us get it out there!



12 tonosPRO Members will get major label deals and 10 tonosPRO Members will get publishing deals this year, GUARANTEED! We've partnered with top labels and publishers like Atlantic, Columbia, EMI, Jive, Warner/Chappell and many others to bring this amazing opportunity to our members. Join today for your shot at landing one!


The only difference between today's music stars and you is Radio Airplay! Now, there are accomplished industry executives working to get your song on the radio. We can do for you what we've been doing for record labels, artists, and managers for 20+ years. Get airplay and get noticed. Get what record companies crave for a fraction of the cost. Register now for FREE information regarding our upcoming summer 2003 launch.

REACH 2003!

Due to hit the stages of Ireland's top live music venues in October 2003, Reach is an all-expenses-paid, 10-day performing tour of the Irish music circuit aimed at presenting four unsigned or independently-signed international acts the opportunity to gain increased exposure and experience playing to a foreign audience. Reach is about presenting appreciative audiences with quality music acts from a wide range of musical genres and on this basis, Reach also awards one of the participating acts recording time to the value of €10,000 in a studio of their choice.


Pirate Radio is easy to use Internet broadcast software requiring only a Windows based PC and an Internet connection. Broadcast to the world any audio file or live input, from talk radio, to indie band sessions, to your library of favorite music. No rules radio is in your hands! Pirate Radio is a new product suite from Destiny Media Technologies that includes the RadioDestiny Broadcaster™ and the Destiny Media Player™. These web-based radio broadcasting and listening technologies allow non-technical users with a minimum of equipment to broadcast and listen to their own Internet radio station. Complete a single offer from our affiliate network and get the software for FREE, or complete two offers and get the software for FREE! No Shipping Charges.

(Send us an email, this information is changing)

Barnes & Noble
Clients tell us the best way is either through one of the other distribution centers or through a local store (!). it would seem too easy to walk in and have your book sold as a local author, but apparently that works.

 CD Street

Join cdstreet to sell your music goods on your website, our store, your gigs and our 1-800 number. Safe, secure and the best deal around for indies.

Planet CD

Planet CD has been selling the best independent music since 1997. We provide artists an outlet to promote and sell their music. Learn about each artist - listen to their music. If you enjoy what you hear, show your support and purchase a CD! All orders are securely encrypted. Plus, we don't rip you off on shipping- $1.99 for the first CD and .69 for each CD after that (US orders). Your support will allow the artists to continue to provide you with great new music in the future!

(we found Tapelist very responsive - a good resource for DVDs!)

Distribution and Financing Discussed. The current Annual Edition of Moviemaker profiles the company and includes advice from founder Evan Friedman on distribution and financing in today's current climate. Previously, Tapelist has been profiled in Variety's sister publication DVD Premieres amongst others. Contact for media inquires or Click here to read the article. >>

F O R.I N D U S T R Y.The Best Independent Films and Exclusives Are on TAPELIST. Find out about films before they hit the festivals, see exclusive, high profile content. Receive our video mailings or digital dispatches. Join today at no charge. Get on >>

W h y.T A P E L I S T ?About our service and it's purpose.
There's never been a better time to be in the industry, and never been a worse. With the explosion of independent film, evidenced by the sheer number of features produced, festivals in every town, it becomes harder and harder for films to cost-effectively find distribution, and for the industry to keep costs low. Risks are taken less, and the independent film movement, while thriving is ever more competitive.

That's why the TAPELIST platform was created, a streamlined solution for industry professionals to find distribution and equalize the playing field. Never before has there been such a simple way of reaching every channel in independent film through an avenue open to all. The TAPELIST platform was designed as a completely scalable solution, meaning films can efficiently find their appropriate outlet, whatever the budget.

Through low-cost submission fees, filmmakers can reach distributors to compete for their product, distributors can reach independent theaters, media and festivals. Distributors can reach smaller venues and outlets extending the life of their products. Festivals no matter their size, can have access to high-quality independents. And now, film-goers can track films as they pass through the stages of distribution, reach the director, and be involved in the promotion and placement of a film.

The industry itself can reach broader and further through a universal umbrella. The platform is TAPELIST, the perfect promotional solution to complement your existing marketing strategy. To inquire how your organization can best benefit from submitting or discovering films on TAPELIST, select your industry selector from the top pulldown menu or contact us at Telephone inquires can be directed to 1-212-628-1573.

Eclectic DVD

Eclectic DVD…Cool, Edgy, Complete.

Welcome to Eclectic DVD Distribution, your source for a wide range of cool, edgy and unusual films and videos. From Japanese Pink cinema, cult classics, odd independent film or bizarre documentaries, you are sure to find something of interest at Eclectic.

Community Musician

CD and DVD Distribution

To get started distributing your CD or DVD, click here.

A few words about how our program works:

• You send our distribution facility an initial shipment of product
• You build a page on the store for your product
• You either link to your page from your site, or you place a bit of html with a "purchase" button
• Customers can use a credit card to buy your CD or DVD using our credit card processing system
• Sales statistics are available by logging into your store page
• Checks are cut every week (as long as you have sold the minimum)

It's that simple!

E Fulfillment CD & DVD (you do the sales, let them do the distribution.)

How to outsource order fulfillment and still keep your costs under control.

Nobody wants to pick and pack their own orders and then lug heavy boxes to UPS every day. The problem is, most fulfillment companies won't even talk to you unless you have a least 2,000 orders a month. Even then, all the "extra" charges they pile on can quickly break your order processing budget.

Now there is an answer...

1. EFulfillment Service simply adds shipping and returns processing as a "back-end" to your webstore shopping cart or accounting system.

2. Your webstore deposits your sale proceeds directly to your merchant account--then sends your fulfillment ship instructions to us automatically. If you prefer, you can manually send your orders as faxes, emails or files.

3. As we receive your orders, we quickly pick, pack and ship and then post the resulting inventory and tracking data to your own password protected fulfillment control panel.

4. From your control panel, you can check on inventory, trace shipments, enter orders and download data at anytime--live.

5. Typical fees are only $1.20 per order plus $.30 per item from your order files or $2.00 per order plus $.30 per item from your individual emails or faxes.

6. There are no set up fees, no minimums, no receiving fees, no stock moving fees, no sliding scales, no hidden charges and no tricky terms.

To learn more, just call us at 231-276-5057 x100 or click here for your free fulfillment cost estimator.


(DVD Production & Distribution)

International Film Production Guide and Directory. The Most Comprehensive Film Production, Film Pre-Production, and Film Post Production Information Source. Your Production Guide for Feature Films, Television Productions, TV Commercials, Videotape, Cable, Satellite, Film Festivals, Film Production Financing, Film Union Agreements, Film Commissions, Film Distribution and Much More!
-- Serving the Motion Picture Industry for Over 20 Years !!!

"All the Information Needed
for Film & TV Production and Producing !"
International Film Production Guide: Comprehensive Film Production Directory Covering Production Information on all Filmmaking Phases: From Film Financing, Through Film Pre-Production, Film Production, Film Post-Production, Film Commissions, Film Union Agreements, Film Distribution, Film Festivals, Award Nominations, etc.

"Your On-Line Film Production Directory !"
International On-Line Film Directory: The Most Comprehensive Selection of Classified Professional Production Links to all Key Motion Picture Industry and Entertainment-Media Web-Sites, Film & Television Production Companies and Services, Educational and Research Film Sources, and Other Related Fields.

Public and private sources for film production financing, fund raising and grants

Australian Film Commission
Australian Multimedia Enterprise
British Columbia Production Financing - Canada
Film Financing - Ireland (Merlin Film Group)
Financial Aid Search Through The Web
Finnish Film Fund
First Look Pictures
Froebel Group
Hollywood Film Institute (6 financing routes)
Independent Film & Video Alliance - Canada
International Film Financing Conference
International Subsidy Organizations
Matheson Ormsby Prentice
Media II Program - European Union
Minority Scholarships & Fellowships
Nova Scotia Film Development Corp. - Canada
Ontario Arts Council - Canada
Practical Guide to Film Financing
Saskatchewan Filmpool Production Funding - Canada
Small Business Administration
The Source - Australia

Chesterfield Competition
Columbus Discovery Awards
Guggenheim Fellowships for Artistic Research
National Endowment For the Humanities

International Motion Picture Consulting. They also have a really good section on women in film producing.

Ostrow and Company is a full service consultation and film representation company. Our mission is to guide and assist in the development, packaging, financing and distribution of quality feature film projects. Film packages may be in various stages of development including completed films which require representation in order to secure the best possible distribution deal.

While under contract with numerous distributors including Trident, G.E.L., J.L Media, Initial Entertainment, and Gun for Hire, Ostrow and Company began as an operating entity from the proprietorship of it's principal Page B. Ostrow, with over 15 years of experience in production, development, finance and distribution. Ostrow has sold the license rights and arranged global financing for over seventy feature films. (Click on "about us" for list of titles).

Ostrow and Company provides an initial consultation on a fee basis which includes a fact finder and game plan outline. On a case by case basis we participate in the producing of projects of particular interest and quality. For more information or to book a consultation now call 310 276-5007.

E-mail us

More Information - Ostrow and Company provides an initial consultation on a fee basis which includes a fact finder and game plan outline. On a case by case basis we participate in the producing of projects of particular interest and quality. For more information or to book a consultation now call 310 276-5007. Ostrow and Company provides an initial consultation on a fee basis which includes a fact finder and game plan outline. On a case by case basis we participate in the producing of projects of particular interest and quality. For more information or to book a consultation now call 310 276-5007.

CD & DVD Barcodes - how does it work?


Free barcode
Megalodon is now providing free barcodes - please ask if you'd like one with your product. Or if you have your own number, we can insert the barcode graphic.

What you should know about bar codes
When you get a barcode from a replicator, your title information reflects the replicator information for the life of the barcode / title (most replicators don't disclose this). The United Barcode Council prefers that titles be registered directly by title owner (the company, band, or individual releasing the title) so that the title information reflects the title information. They consider that the "pure" way and original intent of the UBC.
The UBC does not approve of replicators providing barcodes for clients, but has said that "it won't try to stop the practice either". Purchasing a single barcode can be relatively expensive, but purchasing a huge group of bar codes (virtually unlimited) is not much more money. This is how replicators can provide these free of charge.

Will a replicator barcode affect the selling of your title?
Probably not. The important thing about a barcode registered with the UBC is that your title is guaranteed to have a unique number. When you sell your title in a retail store, they will need that number to assign information to for scanning & selling. You will have to submit a form to that store with your title information. If you sell your title through a distribution center (see our list of distribution & fulfillment sources above), they will generally want their own sticker on your title to ensure they get credit for it. Frequently they will cover any existing bar code anyway.

So does the bar code help you be able to sell your title in a retail store- yes.
Is it particularly important that the bar code is from a replication plant and not purchased directly from the UBC - no.

United Bar Code Council

The UBC Council prefers that clients producing disc titles register directly with them.

However, the difficulty is the expense involved in registering directly. It's expensive for an individual to register.  But it is inexpensive for a replication plant to apply for “unlimited barcodes” which they may in turn distribute to their clients. The UBC does not approve of this, but “will make no efforts at the current time to stop it” and "recognizes that it is expensive for individuals to apply directly".

So, in the interest of cost effectiveness for our clients, we now have unlimited barcodes and can distribute a barcode free of charge.  But please know that the UBC prefers individuals to register directly and pay the barcode fee.