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What is it like to work with Megalodon? We're a different kind of company.
Can we share with you some of our clients' comments?

......more than mere words.  These were truly promises made and promises kept!
Apparently, I did "reach the right place".

This is a favorite. It was a joy to work with this gentleman to complete this very special project for his daughter. To quote a popular film, "Love actually, is all around us."
(- It was an honor Stan!)

Stan enjoyed our service and product so much, that he sent us a custom made trophy. We display it with great pride in our office, and I have to say that I get teary-eyed every time I read his beautiful note to us. We framed it.

Read for speaks volumes, "more than mere words".

"After having spent many, many months creating what I had hoped to be the most special invitation for my daughter's Bat-Mitzvah, it finally arrived from the printer.  Much to my disappointment, it was the most disastrous piece of work I had ever seen.

   " With only four (4) weeks to go before these invitations had to be mailed, I was beside myself.  In a panic, I began to search the internet for help out of this predicament.  I spoke with many companies who just seemed to lack that certain something special. (Not to mention, their unwillingness and/or inability to turn this around)  Then, I found the Megalodon Multimedia, Inc. web-site.  Apparently, I did "reach the right place".  I telephoned and spoke with Christine whose voice was calming and reassuring.  She took action immediately and with great resolve set about committing to and meeting the dates and deadlines necessary, as if it was no trouble at all.  She constantly followed through and stayed in contact through to the end.  It almost seemed like she made this her own.  She immediately put me with Mike, who established that this project was very "doable" in the time frame necessary and in the most professional way.  It would have been very easy to take advantage on the cost, particularly in the mess I was in.  But, you did not.  You showed high integrity.  You provided a superior product at more than a fair and reasonable price.

   " After receiving the disastrous digi-pak, and with a great command of the expertise necessary to produce a quality package, Mike went to work, day-in and day-out, night after night to masterfully correct all of the problems.  He listened intently.  He exhibited  the patience, persistence, attention to detail and skill necessary to do the artful job that he did.  He made a treasure out of trash.  He saw to it personally that my vision was executed precisely.

"It became clear to me that the mission of this company ". . . believing strongly in treating others as we'd like to be treated by companies. . . quick replies, personal service, experience and knowledge, no hidden or extra charges, and continuing support and contact throughout a project." was more than mere words.  These were truly promises made and promises kept!

" All of you, through your commitment to excellence, have restored my faith that there really are people out there who care and who show it both by word and by deed."

  " I do not think my words alone can thank you enough.  So, Karen, my "after-hours contact", I am sending all of you  a "Maddie Award" for my gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done.  I trust that you will receive this Fed-X package shortly.

With kindest personal regards,


On a technical note, this is a great example of a custom Custom Tray used for an invitation. RSVP cards & envelopes we included in a special pocket. Booklet was glued on.

Disc was originally to be 6C using a metallic silver ink. However, production suspected that Stan wouldn't enjoy the look of this as much as the knock-out to silver of the disc, and did two test discs for him. The knock-out to the shiny silver of the disc was preferred over the more matte PMS silver ink.

...impressive feats

"Hi Everyone" -->
do you get the feeling that we're a team approach to making your project happen? Indeed we are, consider us part of your team.

late-nights -->
yes, we do work around the clock. As do many of our clients (perhaps we should start a late night club).

Impressive feats-->
.... that's really nice. We're good at making beautiful products, even on tight schedules. It takes knowledge & experience.

Hi Everyone,

Just got news back from our sales team and the CDs were a hit at the trade show!

Thanks much for all your hard work and late-nights that made our project happen in such a short amount of time.

If you ever need a customer testimonial, let me know -I've already started to spread the word on the impressive feats your team can accomplish.

Thanks again,

Technical note - these are mini discs packaged in a custom 4pp mini wallet with business card slit. At the trade show reps could insert their own cards. These are not shrinkwrapped - and look at the beautiful shine. This is our "standard" by the way, our standard glossy coat. You can even go with high gloss (see Defense Supply Center below).

The schedule was a real challenge on this project as this was a custom design on a very tight deadline.

...but Megalodon blew them all away.
Megalodon has my business for life!

That's really nice, isn't it? Sometimes clients tell us the "vibe" is right with us, and we can say the same about our clients. More projects, Joseph! It's our pleasure to be a part of your projects.

Ben's Birthday Surprise is a beautifully put together piece (the packaging too!). The little honorary members of our staff enjoy this title tremendously. Look it up for yours - good title!

"Working with Megalodon was an absolute pleasure,
from the first phone call to the final delivery.  The sales and graphics teams were professional, honest, and great to work with.  I have gone through the CD manufacturing process with a variety of other companies, but Megalodon blew them all away.
Their prices are great, their staff is fantastic, and the finished product looks absolutely incredible.  Megalodon has my business for life!

Ben's Birthday Present

Technical note - this is a 4pp Custom Tray, with a slot folder for the booklet. It is an excellent choice for Childrens' titles. Colorful, vivid, unbreakable.
...prompt, professional and courteous service.
Megalodon and the government

We do a lot of government projects, and it's our pleasure to be able to work with their professional staff.

Megalodon has worked for the National Institute of Standards for 7 years now, with all branches of the military, and state & local governments.


Thanks to you all at Megalodon for supporting our project.

We will certainly contact you in the future
for any requirements we may have.

Thanks again for such prompt, professional and courteous service.

Defense Supply Center Philadelphia

 You guys are terrific...... C Stacy. H  (NTIS/IRS)

I wanted to write and tell you how thrilled we were with your service on our CD project.... The shipments arrived on time, in great condition, and MOST importantly, They looked Wonderful!!!.... Eric P  (FEMA)

Technical note - Defense Supply products are business card cds in little business card presentation folders. We think they are very clever.

The IRS release is in a 2panel minijacket mailer. We provide distribution on these as well.
"You guys will definitely be our exclusive cd vendor."

Now here's another "vibe" that's right. We've been doing their very fun programs for some time now, and gotten to know them. This is a very special group of people...not to mention creative.

"Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!"
"Thank you so very much for the wonderful customer service! The cd's look great!"
"You guys will definitely be our exclusive cd vendor."

Committee for Children

Thank you soooooooooo much for the great service!!!
You guys are awesome!

Technical note - these are 4pp mailers with a thumbhole notch.
....globalism at its finest

We work around the globe, but it's true to say that we're only ever an email away.

Although FedEx did have some questions on the return address
- we had to convince them there really were no postal codes here.

It's our pleasure to be able to work in an age of worldwide contact. We have shipped products worldwide, for clients on every continent.

Hi Karen,


I have been speaking with Mike over the internet and I've gathered all the needed information from him to ensure that we can move forward with this job today :) Yipee! Mike has been extremely helpful as I am trying to retain my focus seeing that its already 4am here in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. (Globalism at its finest) :)


Well I just wanted to respond to your email from this end, I should be calling Mike back shortly.


Thank you so much for a tough and great job!

Tight schedules
R us....

I wanted to let you both know how great the CD-ROM's and packaging turned out!

Thank you so much for a tough and great job!

Blue Telescope inc
Technical Notes - this is a mini disc in a 6pp min wallet with foam hub.
You guys are unbelievable!!

Tight schedules
R us....


You guys are unbelievable!! Sonny, PC Show & Tell / Office Depot

someone who actually takes pride in their business and cares for the customer...

This client had already had one disappointing run of his Custom Tray Packaging through another replicator, but turned to us as the experts to achieve his special effects.

It wasn't easy, but did we take care of our client?
.....yes, we did.

We are very pleased with the work you guys have done! Thank you so much for making this happen. You guys are on the top of our list (and mine
as a designer) for referrals.

It has been a pleasure working with someone who actually takes pride in their business and cares for the customer as well. We will hopefully bereleasing another CD within this year, so I will be in contact...

Let me know if you need anything else from us.

Thanks again,

Technical Notes-

This project used a spot UV gloss over Matte finish. Check out the spot gloss effect in the bottom photo.

...changing the world one project at a time.

We hope that helps give you a good idea of what we're like to work with.
The thing that makes Megalodon very different is that we believe strongly in treating others as we'd like to be treated.
An old and simple concept, and one not used nearly enough.
To us that means quick replies, personal service, experience & knowledge, no hidden or extra charges, and continuing support and contact throughout a project.

(Gorgeous products and meeting impossible schedules don't hurt either, but we'll put that on the What's the Quality Like? page :)