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Megalodon mass manufactures media (CDs, DVDs, USB media, LCD Video Cards)
and custom packaging to showcase media.
Good fits for our company are titles that are large quantity, unique, custom,
high-end quality titles that often use special printing effects, papers, or diecuts.

If it isn't a good fit for us, we'll let you know.



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*Minimum order is at least 300 units, but please note that 500 units is usually about the same cost.

1000 is a good break even qty if you are concerned with per unit cost.

Commercial releases are generally 20k+


Spec basics, tell us things like:

  • Type of Media (CD, DVD, USB, Video Mailer, Mixed media, Multidisc, etc)
  • Type of Packaging (LP, Chipboard Box, CD Book, etc)
    Packaging Dimensions (approx is fine, like 5x7")
    Material / Paper Stock (18pt, fabric wrapped chipboard, uncoated, etc)
    Printing (4C/4C, etc)
  • Booklet/Inner Page / Book details (#pages, printing)
  • Anything else like Slipcases, Inner sleeves, books, business cards, etc
  • Assembly (insertion/shrinkwrap?)
  • Shipping(usually 5 day is fine)

    Schedule / Budget:

  • Schedule - when you do want to manufacture? any schedule crunches?
  • Budget - can you give us a ballpark so we know what to recommend? Are you needing just a ballpark right now?

If you would like suggestions, tell us things like:

  • What's the content?
  • Who is the audience?
  • What's the most important factor on this project for you?
    Cost? Schedule? Eco? Quality? Uniqueness?
  • What's the feel of the project, vintage, organic, modern, etc?
  • How will it be distributed or sold? At shows, in stores, via mail?
  • When do you plan to do the manufacturing?
  • How far along in the project are you?
  • Are there certain features you want to include?
  • Special effects like spot gloss or foil? Or special paper stocks?

  • Did you see photos of projects on our site that had features you liked?

If you have any questions, or experience any difficulty, please also feel free to email:

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