Large Quantity CD Manufacturing/DVD Manufacturing

This is a special order form for larger production runs of 15,000 to 3 million cds / dvds.

Mass qty CD and DVD manufacturing is a little different from smaller runs. In a production run of 100,000 for example, every penny per disc will cost you $1000 out of your budget. Jobs of this magnitude really need to be custom quoted. Here are some things we'll need to know in order to prepare you the best quote possible:

CD Manufacturing, Large Quantity, Project: Atticus - 6pp tall digipak 2cd slipcase matte lam spot gloss
CD Manufacturing, Large Quantity - Project: Atticus

Quantity: Runs larger than 10K definitely need to be customized. 20K, 25K 50K, 100K, 250K, 500K, 1million+ are typical price breaks.

Disc Printing: silkscreening or offset printing available. In the very large qty range we may need to know number of colors and preference for silkscreening or offset printing. This is also important to determine machine avilability.

Packaging and CD Distribution Method: Do you need a retail box with registration card that's store ready? hangtags? Are these being direct mailed and is weight important? tell us what you need to do and let us guide you on packaging options that can save you significant dollars.

Production Time of Year: When will you be producing these? Can you give us a time of year? We will hold quotes for as long as we can, but a large qty quote will reflect very current raw material costs and freight rates.

Turn Time: Mass qty cd manufacturing can be done in as little as a few days to several months. A realistic schedule for mass quantity cd production is 4 to 6 weeks. This allows for matchprints and test disc to be reviewed and approved, production, return

Mass Quantity CD Replication: IRS Earned Income Tax Credit
Distribution via trucking companies and bulk permit at the post office.

shipping, and if necessary, customs. We do some special million piece government projects annually in under 10 day timeframe including shipping though, so it can be done. Give us your requirements and we'll work with your schedule. If you have a rush schedule, let us know if a partial shipments will help. Significant savings can be had in the freight alone if it is not rushed.

Shipping: Where will these discs be distributed from? If you're not exactly sure, can you narrow it down to which coast? We can ship to seaports, airports, to distribution houses, or to your company doorstep.

CD / DVD Fulfillment: We can help by droppoing your discs off at the post office if you have a bulk mailing permit. If you need help with online or telephone sales and small qty shipping, may we suggest one of our partners on our Fulfilment and Distribution Page (CD & DVD)

CD Barcodes and Distribution: Do you need a barcode, how will you be distributing this title, through retail stores? Through mail order distribution outlets like Amazon? Some distribution prefers a bar code, some use their own.

Rolling Stone- cds made for magazine insertion with special cardboard window sleeves

American Express
Rectangular Card Disc
International Shipping

Large Quantity CD Manufacturing & DVD Manufacturing
Quote Request Form


Please tell us about your project. Each reply is customized to your needs by a specialist (quotes are handled personally by our sales staff), and you'll receive a reply very quickly. If you get stuck in the terminology, feel free to choose the "Guide me" field. There is also a "Notes" section below where you can tell us lots of information.

Procedure & what's included...

Art Preflighting
First step is uploading your art. We'll take a look at your files to make sure they are laid out correctly.
PDF SoftProofs
Next we generate PDF SoftProofs so we can make sure the basic components of your art files are correct. This is the place to catch typos or font issues.
Film Generation
After approval of softproofs, we go to film. Film is required for silkscreening or offset printing and gives you high quality end results.
HardProofs- Printed Test Disc (with Data) and Color Matchprints
A printed test disc is the only way to be absolutely sure printing on a disc will be the way you want it. We include these on all of our projects - mass manufacturing & small qty. CMYK Color matchprints with trimlines are included for paper items. FedEx shipping of proofs are also included. No need to return.
Disc Manufacturing
After approvals, we start mass manufacturing. We manufacture to exact quantity. No surprise overrun charges with Megalodon!
Printed Packaging Manufacturing
Printed packaging can made before your discs to help your schedule, or made at the same time. We'll do everything we can to meet your schedule (and we're good at it!) and there are no rush fees! Custom & eco-friendly packaging is encouraged!

Complimentary bar codes and a wide choice of distribution assistance also available for our retail clients.

Disc Media Needed

Need to See Some Examples?
(a great way to window shop!)
CD Replication

CD Replication

CD & CD packaging examples

DVD Replication

DVD5 Replication

DVD9 Replication

DVD10 Replication

DVD & DVD packaging examples

8cm & Specialty CD

CD Businesscard Replication

CD Card / Rectangular CD Replication

Mini- CD Replication

Mini- DVD Replication

Custom Shape CD

Clear Substrate CD

Mini CD & custom CD examples


Recordable CD Silkscreening
(ready to burn)

Recordable CDR silkscreening examples

Or take a look at an overview of all the above, all on one page!


1000 (minimum order)















For multi disc titles, write number of discs in the set here: (we will modify packaging for you)

CD & DVD Packaging

Guide Me
If you don't know what you need or would like feedback, feel free to use the Notes Section below to tell us about your project so we can make suggestions. Helpful things for us to know:
What is the content of your title? (audio, sales promo, software, game, etc)
Target audience? Who are you marketing it to? (Sports, children, computer users, accountants, etc)
Is the product expected to be kept by the recipient for long term use? (kept on shelf, in collection, discarded after viewing, etc)
Budget- is this a premium dollar product, or is it a budget disc?
How and Where are you planning on selling or distributing these? (in retail stores, through internet sales, given away at shows)

Minimal Packaging, Unprinted

Bulk (none)

Paper Sleeves / Windows

Plastic Vinyl Sleeves

Hangtag Packaging


Fully Printed Cardboard Packaging, 4C + Varnish

Type of Packaging
Number of Panels
Added Options
Paper Stock options
Custom Tray Style

Standard Size (5 inch)







more panels (describe in notes)

Check any that apply:

Add a card, folder or booklet

Add a literature pocket

Add a slipcase


Special die cut features

Point of Purchase Boxes

Unusual layout (describe in notes)


Recycled content 70-80%, with 4C printing

Fiberboard / natural with up to 4C printing

Tall / Oversized (7 inch)

Digiclear Box (7 inch)


Jacket / Wallet

Jacket / Mailer type:

Thumbhole Pocket

Slit Pocket

Pop-Up Jacket

Foam hub

Plastic hub


Plastic Boxes and Cases with Paper Inserts

Type of Packaging
Number of insert Panels
Color printing on the insert Panels
Insert Style

DVD Box with Wrap and Insert

no insert







more panels (specify in notes section)

Full color throughout (4C/4C)

Full color on outside only. Black & White on inner panels or reverse side (4C/1C)

Stapled booklet



Accordion fold


Jewelcase with Insert & Tray Card

SuperSlim case with Insert

Software Box, 4c printed

Box Type
Box Width and Height
Box Depth
Inner Disc packaging


(5 1/4" x 7 1/2")
(13.3cm x 19.1cm)

1 1/4" (3.2 cm)

1 1/2" (3.8 cm)

(flap adds about 1/16" or 1.6mm)

Paper Sleeve



Please describe in notes

Small w/Flap

(7 7/8" x 9 1/2")
(13.3cm x 19.1cm)

1 1/2" (3.8 cm)

2" (5.1 cm)

(flap adds about 1/16" or 1.6mm)

Large w/Flap

Freight, Schedule, Distribution Info

Schedule Notes
Time of Year

(Jan, Feb, Mar)

(Apr, May, Jun)

(Jul, Aug, Sep)

(Oct, Nov, Dec)

Unknown, TBD

Return Freight to
Distribution Method

Unknown, TBD

By hand (at show, for example)

In retail store

To be mailed in package

In catalog

Other (see notes)

Project Notes

Put anything you feel is relevant here

Contact Info








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