Getting Started on your Project Estimate
How to Place an Order, Get Art Templates and Upload

  • Getting an Estimate on Your Project - Minimum Qty and Specification

    The minimum order for manufacturing is 300 to 500 units, depending on the product. Usually the cost for doing 300 units is about the same for doing 500 units. Can we make fewer than 300 to 500 units? Yes, but the cost will be the same as 300 to 500 units. If you are looking for cost effective per unit production costs, you probably want to make at least 1000 units.

    If you know your spec already , we can work up the estimate for your spec. Here is what a blank spec looks like:

    Disc Type:
    Paper Stock:
    Shipping: INCLUDED standard shipping is about 5 days, and we include the shipping cost in your quote. If you need it shipped to more than one address, or to an address outside of the US, please let us know the details/address so we can include it in your costs.
    Proofing: INCLUDED PDF, Test disc (glass/mastered & printed) and color matchprint sent FedEx
    Additional Proofing: You want to order an unprinted mockup or a press proof if your job is complex. Let us know if you need something special along these lines.

    If you do not know what your spec is, please email us and arrange a time to speak with Graphics. Or you can email us a photo of what you want to make. If you saw a photo on our site, or several that you liked, that's helpful. It's also helpful if you can give us an idea of your budget so we don't make suggestions that aren't helpful. We can make just about anything, but not all budgets can handle that level of customization.


  • Ordering Samples

    We hold our samples pretty closely as we only ever have so many from a project, and like to save them for really good fits. Once we have a finalized spec and you are ready to place an order (or close), this is a good time for us to send you a sample that is similar to your spec.

  • Getting an Order Form & Placing Your Order

    If you are ready to get started, please let us know:

    PROJECT NAME (what you want to call this run)

    We'll send you a link to the order form / invoice. We offer a cash discount for jobs paid with wire or check, but also accept card payments.

    Note that the order form spec will match your estimate spec. There are details you'll be asked about later on the process that do not affect the cost, but do have impact on the overall look - things like finishes.

  • BarCodes

    If you need a bar code, please let us know. They are $25 each. We can create one for you and send it to you for you to use in your art layout.

  • Art Templates - Disc and Packaging

    Once the order is placed, we create the templates for you. These include the disc and the packaging. The template email will also give you some basic information on how to do the artwork. When you are done, send your art back to us on the templates.

  • Uploading Art and Disc Image

    Both your artwork and your disc image file can be uploaded to us. Any type of Drop Box program is a good fit for this.

  • Proofing

    Proofing starts with PDF softproofs and then progresses to the physical proofset if you have one in your order. The physical proofset consists of a completely glass master and printed test disc, and a color matchprint for your packaging. The standard color matchprint is cmyk on gloss paper.

    If you find errors from your source material that need corrected, we can help you with that but note that the further along you are in the proofing process, the more expensive it is to submit new source material.

  • Production & Shipping

    Production typically takes 2-3 weeks, depending on the project and level of customization. If you have special schedule needs, please let us know and we'll work with you to try and meet them.

    Shipping is typically 5 business days on the final product. If you have a very larger quantity, we may be doing commercial freight for you which takes longer. If we are doing expedited shipping for you, it is usually 2-3 days.

  • What are some GOOD TIPS you can give me for my project?

    SEND YOUR ARTWORK EARLY. If you have your artwork files before your disc data, send them to us so we can start processing them and handle any bleed, cropping, etc., issues that may need to be addressed, and we can get that film made and start the printing. Doing your printed products early will help enormously.

    Proofing is very important! If you really have to, we can skip it but we've seen proofing save a lot of projects so our recommendation is DON'T SKIP THE PROOFING.

    When you send your source material (image file or master disc), TEST IT FIRST. Test it on all platforms (Mac, PC, cd players, dvd players, etc.). Try your master in different computers or players. We will make a physical test disc for you (this is a glass mastered/pressed disc) that you can test again, just to make sure, but there are charges to submit new source material after we started.
    You don't want thousands of discs with bugs. We hurt for you when you call back and tell us you found a bug on your original, we hate it when that happens. We really do. Those additional orders have all the fun taken out of them. Please...test thoroughly

    If you have never made a replicatable disc before, don't wait until two weeks before your deadline to try it for the first time- inexperienced premastering can wreck your schedule. Not all CD or DVD writing software is created equally. Some software is better suited for archiving and doesn't do perfect ISO images with all the right formatting or RedBook with all the right p's and q's. DVDRs especially, have some ISO differences from pressed dvds, and may play differently. Some items with DVD9's may work differently than expected. Try to allow for extra time to account for these things.



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