Metallic Ink Printing on CD and DVD Discs


Give your discs that extra something with metallic inks

CDs and DVDs don't have to take a back seat to the packaging. Many of the ink effects we use on packaging can also be used on the discs themselves.

  • Using Metallic Ink on Discs, Silver Substrate
    Disc Spot Gloss Varnish and Matte Flood Printing

    Clients who use metallic ink on the printed paper packaging often ask about using a metallic ink on the disc surface. Keep in mind that metallic inks are matte - they are not shiny as many people thing. However, the disc material itself is quite shiny. So consider using combinations and knockouts to the substrate like these titles:
    disc printing metallic ink silver substratedisc printing metallic ink printed cd packaging digipak envelopedisc metallic ink substrate knock out printing

    Of course metallic isn't limited to silver ink. Here's an example of gold metallic on the disc to match the printed packaging:

    See also special tips & tricks for disc printing

  • White Flood Versus No White Flood SIlver Substrate

    We did a test disc comparison for this title with a white flood coat, and without. If you print on a white flood, the colors are more vibrant / "true" (as if printing on white paper) but you lose the silver. So it all depends on what you want to accomplish. 4C cmyk + white flood = 5C printing.
    Disc printing white flood comparison

  • Disc Spot Gloss Varnish / Matte Flood

    An alternative to metallic inks or substrate knockouts, is to use disc varnish. Here's a gorgeous example:
    disc spot gloss varnish and matte flood printing spot gloss on disc

  • Specialty Disc Printing- Vinyl Discs, Clear Substrate CDs, Serialized Discs

    Vinyl Discs....yep, retro is in
    special disc vinyl vintage look
    Vinyl Discs

    Clear Substrate Discs - Mini CD Mold with CLear Substrate out to edge
    clear substrate cd
    Clear Substrate CDs

    Serialized Discs - Individually Printed Names or Numbers
    Disc serialization puts a unique serial number or code on each individual disc. Here's a close up, but for obvious reasons. we can't give away this disc's serial number....

    disc serialization individually numbered discs

    Here's a music artist's disc that they wanted to hand number....
    limited edition hand numbered discs cds

  • Setup of Special Effects in the Disc or Packaging Artwork

    Although most professional-level graphics programs allow the use of spot colors, we find that the easier way to create spot effects is to create a new layer (or layers) in the program, then create art in one of the standard process colors. This allows you to work with your CMYK or RGB art without the limitations created with multi-channel files.
    The majority of special effects can be easily set up as separate layers in your favorite graphic design or layout program. Whatever color you use for embossing, have everything that needs the effect in a single color, at 100% ink. Call or e-mail to be walked through the process depending on your program of choice, or have a graphics specialists set up the special effects for you (may incur additional cost). Here are some pages that may help you with ideas:
    Special Printing Effects
    Hot Foil Stamping
    Embossing and Debossing
    Spot UV Gloss
    How to set up Spot Colors
    How to set up PIPS or reverse side printing
    Custom Die Cuts
    Unusual Folds and Shapes
    Metallic Ink printing
    Spot White Ink on Fiberboard Stock
    Special Disc Printing
    Uncoated Paper(Matte)
    Fiberboard Paper (brown, kraft)

    One of our favorite titles for show & tell is the Deva Film Reel as it actually has all of the effects; hot foil stamping, embossing and debossing, spot UV glass & lamination. Be sure to check our the full spec for the special printing effects on Deva's Featured Title page.

    gold foil photo with spot gloss and matte lam, dvd film reel packagingDVD packaging with gold foil stamping, embossing, and spot UV gloss matte lamination contrastGold foil on DVD slipcase set,  disc, digipak, special printing effects