Foil Stamping on CD DVD Disc Packaging


Special Printing Effects. Gold, Silver, Red, and more colors

Hot foil stamping. Wow, there’s nothing like a little gold foil to really help a package to stand out. Or if gold isn’t your color, silver might be your choice… Bronze? Red? Basically any color you can think of (we also have a selection of multi-colored rainbow foils) we can do.

  • Photos of Foil Stamping on CD DVD Packaging
    Gold Foil, Silver Foil, Bronze, Red, Colors, etc!

    Foil Stamping on CD Digipak Packaging blue color

    Red Foil....

    red foil stamping on cd packaging grid design
    foil stamping red foiling on cd digipak packaging design Foil printing red design cd digipak packaging
    Red Foil on FreezePop's Featured Title page

    Bronze...(this client did a really fun thing and did a different color foil for every season)
    bronze foil stamping and embossing on tall digipak dvd packaging
    bronze foil stamping on tall dvd digipak
    Copper foil stamping on dvd digipak packaging

    Silver foil....on WIDE SCREEN / LANDSCAPE Digipak Packaging
    Foil stamping silver and blue dvd digipak packaging
    silver foil printing on dvd digipak packaging
    foil printing on dvd packaging hot foil stamp
    Check out some of our other landscape or widescreen packaging too! These are always fun designs.

    Foil stamping on DVD slipcase packaging
    foil stamping printed packaging dvd digipak slipcase set packaging
    foil printing on dvd card set redkin promotional

    silver foil printing foiling on black fiberboard dvd jacket packaging Silver foil stamping on black fiberboard DVD packaging

    Gold Foil...
    Gold foil stamping on CD book packaging
    Gold Foil Stamping on CD book packaging

    Foil stamping printing embossing spot gloss foiling on dvd packaging
    gold foil stamping spot gloss matte lamination printing effects on cd dvd packaging foil stamping on cd book packaging foiling digipakblue foil stamping printed packaging digipakFoil stamping cd packaging
  • Foil Stamping on Fiberboard Packaging

    Foil on fiberboard makes a beautiful contrast between the natural, fibrous paper and the shiny reflective foil. Here are some great examples:

    Award winning packaging, designed by STS9:

    silver foil stamping on fiberboard digipak cd packagingFoil stamping on fiberboard cd dvd packaging silver foil stamping on cd fiberboard digipak packagingfiberboard cd pacakging with silver foil stamping
    Similar concept but with a fun twist added (check out the pocket!):
    cd packaging silver foil stamping on fiberboard digipak packagingfoil stamping on fiberboard cd packaging with silver stamping die cut notch on cd packaging custom shape guitar cut outfiberboard cd packaging with booklet

    We have more photos of fiberboard digipaks and fiberboard jackets if you'd like to explore this fun paper stock! Fiberboard is a wonderful, eco-friendly paper stock and has recycled material, pulp material, end of chain material, and is unbleached. It gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling!
    If you'd like to learn more about that die cut notch, visit our die cut packaging page!

  • Foil Stamping on Linen Fabric, Binding Cloth, or Hemp

    Full color printing is really hard on fabric types like linen because it is a loose weave. But foil is a good option for your art.

    Another variation we have on this is a binding cloth. It is something between paper and cloth in texture.
    Foil stamping on cloth dvd book Foil Stamping on Cloth DVD book with die cutsfoil stamping binding paper dvd book custom cut

  • What about Metallic Ink Printing, is that the same look?

    Hot foil stamping is a special process that results in a raised area of foil. Metallic inks are special pantones colors that one can print and not involve any kind of stamping or raised relief. So texture is one big difference, but the other big difference is that foil is SHINEY and metallic ink is NOT. Metallic inks are quite matte. A few examples…

    metallic silver ink printing on dvd packagingGold foil stamping on dvd packaging jacket
    -- using both types on a package!

    matte silver metallic ink printing dvd packaging metallic ink flood dvd packaging silver metalic ink printing on disc packaging
    matte silver ink on cd jacket
    metallic copper ink dvd packaging 4 disc set

  • Comparing Metallic Ink Printing and Hot Foil Stamping on Fiberboard Stock

    Here are some neat side by side comparisons of silver foil versus silver metallic ink printed on fiberboard in various lights. We did these are press proofs for a client to look at both options. The client chose to go with the silver metallic ink instead of the foil.

    Proof comparisons:
    foil stamping versus metallic ink printing on fiberboard cd jacket packagingcomparing silver foil to metallic silver ink on fiberboard cd jacket packagingsilver foil versus silver metallic ink printing on fiberboard cd jacket packagingcd jacket packaging with silver foil stamping on fiberboard paper
    foil stamping on fiberboard cd cover jacketfoil silver stamping on fiberboard cd pacakgingfoil stamping cd fiberboard packaging

    Finished product with metallic silver ink printing:
    Silver metallic ink printing on fiberboard cd LP, vinyl cdfiberboard cd LP jacket with vinyl cdmetallic ink fiberboard LP vinyl CD
    Silver metallic ink is flat, matte, definitely not shiny.
    Foil is very shiny.

  • Business Cards with Foil, to go with your Disc Packaging!

    We can also do a run of business cards with foil to match your main disc package!
    foil stamping business card in dvd packaging digipak
    foil stamping embossing business cards
    We also did matching cards and spine printing for the various directors of this film reel.
    customized name digipaks dvd film reels spot gloss

  • Foil Paper Wrap DVD Packaging

    One other option we can do, is foil paper - like Christmas wrapping paper. This is a complete wrap of foil paper, as opposed to select areas. It is less expensive than hot foil stamping.
    Foil paper wrap on cd packaging jacketFoil paper wrapping CD packaging with red foil paperFoil wrapped cd packaging reflective

  • Hot Foil Stamping Pricing

    Folios expensive. It is one of the coolest looks out there, but be prepared for a bit of sticker shock. Pricing is usually done per panel (such as front of cover, back of cover, spine, slipcase only, etc) and is determined by the amount of coverage. If you can let us know how much foil coverage you'll need, we can give you the costs to add to any package.

    Because it is a special process, like embossing, it requires a special press proof if you want to see the outcome on the actual press. A simulation can be done by substituting a cmyk color for it on the regular color matchprint.

  • Setup of Special Effects Printing in the Artwork

    Although most professional-level graphics programs allow the use of spot colors, we find that the easier way to create spot effects is to create a new layer (or layers) in the program, then create art in one of the standard process colors. This allows you to work with your CMYK or RGB art without the limitations created with multi-channel files.
    The majority of special effects can be easily set up as separate layers in your favorite graphic design or layout program. Whatever color you use for embossing, have everything that needs the effect in a single color, at 100% ink. Call or e-mail to be walked through the process depending on your program of choice, or have a graphics specialists set up the special effects for you (may incur additional cost). Here are some pages that may help you with ideas:
    Special Printing Effects
    Hot Foil Stamping
    Embossing and Debossing
    Spot UV Gloss
    How to set up Spot Colors
    How to set up PIPS or reverse side printing
    Custom Die Cuts
    Unusual Folds and Shapes
    Metallic Ink printing
    Spot White Ink on Fiberboard Stock
    Special Disc Printing
    Uncoated Paper(Matte)
    Fiberboard Paper (brown, kraft)

    One of our favorite titles for show & tell is the Deva Film Reel as it actually has all of the effects; hot foil stamping, embossing and debossing, spot UV glass & lamination. Be sure to check our the full spec for the special printing effects on Deva's Featured Title page.

    gold foil stamping photo with spot gloss and matte lam, dvd film reel packagingDVD packaging  gold foil stamping, embossing, and spot UV gloss matte lamination contrastGold foil stamping  on DVD slipcase set,  disc, digipak, special printing effects