Custom USB Packaging - Printed 4C, Embossed, Foil
Boxes for Thumb Drives, Dongles, Flash Memory, CD DVD Discs

  • Custom USB Packaging, custom foam well or tray to hold the thumb drive!!

    Do you want to stand out in the marketplace?

    They're nearly ubiquitous. The "flash drive" or "thumb drive" is the next generation for data storage and security. They're perfect for audio books, for project backup and transport, for music. Their portability and just plain usefulness make them a great "keeper" item. This means that a thumb drive has legs, and if it's personalized with your logo, that means you have a marketing tool that delivers and delivers.

     usb disc set packaging two dongles one cd dvd foam trayUSB packaging Box Set usb dongle cd dvd disc booklet custom foam well insert in lidcustom usb box packaging thumb drive metallic ink printing matte lamination

    custom USB packaging Box Set disc book 5inch hinged box
    usb packaging box set printed 4C with foil stamping

  • Custom USB Packaging, Cut to Shape of Dongle or Thumb Drive

    Do you need packaging for your USB device? Do you have a dongle or anti-piracy security key that needs to be packaged with a software disc? Are you packaging a flash card or a thumb drive as a promotion? Are you packaging a memory stick? An MP3 player? We can do it! We'll create a beautiful package for you with a custom-made foam tray to hold the device or a cardboard cut out like this project:
    custom USB packaging Box set with cut out for usb drive

  • Add manuals, key chains, lanyard, etc!!

    We can add any number of options to your project: discs, booklets, instruction manuals, lanyard, key chain, cable, CD or DVD holder. You name it! USB Packaging Disc Box Set
    usb drive with leather and metal case
    metal usb swivel thumb drive with chain

  • USB Media Manufacturing

    Yes, we offer a complete USB solution, including pre-loading with your data. Call about options, or use our quote form! Browse standard and custom USB media.

    USB custom printed metal
    USB 210 metal printing and manufacturing
    custom USB manufacturing metalic
    USB 207 metal custom usb manufacturing
    USB 205 metal custom manufactured
    USB 204 metal custom manufacturing
    USB 203 custom packaging printing engraving
    USB 202 custom production
    USB 201 custom thumb drive manufacturing
  • Customizable Gift Boxes

    We can do all kinds of gift boxes to package your usb:
    Custom CD Box Packaging - chipboard core kraft fiberboard paperusb box with disc and bookusb box metallic ink printing foam trayusb pen and gift boxusb box and lanyard

  • Embossing, Foil, Spot Gloss, Die Cuts...all kinds of special effects printing
    for your USB Box